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Timeless jewel art pieces made with love.

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The amazing London Manori Herringbone chain is back in stock! Limited quantity is available. 14 Karat Gold Filled.

Charmed Collection by London Manori

The Charmed collection is there to represent you. Everything from Roman coin pendants that represent victory to chique wing pendants that will add meaning to any look. This vermeil gold premium design jewelry is designed to represent, either as a perfect coin jewelry gift for someone you know deeply, or for yourself.

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This charm jewelry collection is meant to make a statement, even for those who don’t usually wear jewels.

Dream Collection by London Manori

The Dream collection is all about your imagination. If you can envision your dream jewel, you will be able to bring those dreams into reality.
London Manori dream jewelry is made with precious and semi-precious stones encased in vermeil gold and sterling silver. It is ideal for a gift for yourself, or someone who has shared their dreams with you.

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Regardless if you are looking for a timeless gold vermeil necklace for an anniversary or in the process of gifting a dream jewel with a precious stone, London Manori jewelry equally worn for a coffee date and by celebrities like Jordin Sparks.

Little Layers Collection by London Manori

The essence of personal fashion is saying a lot with just little accessories. With premiere design gold and silver jewelry, you will be able to place the focus on what really matters, your overall poise, style and presence.

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Make with 14k gold and sterling silver, this contemporary premier fashion jewelry lineup is ideal for a romantic anniversary present, or a considerate Mother's day gift.

Moonlight Collection by London Manori

Soft-colored moon stones encased in 14k gold vermeil are ideal as an anniversary present for her, and to show how special she is to you. With premium designs, they can be a discreet addition to your style, or the centerpiece of your entire look.

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Moon jewelry embodies the soft and relaxing energy of the moonstone with jewels and gold working together to make your body resemble the brightness of the full moon.

Summer Collection by London Manori

Summer is fun and summer jewelry and accessories need to embody this timeless tradition. It is for those who are looking to spice up their summer appearance and is a gold vermeil piece is a perfect gift for her to show her that she is your sunshine.

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Summer fashion jewelries are excellent for expressing yourself, or showing your mom, aunt, or any other woman in your life that they remind you of the summer with these unique gifts.

Zodiac Pendants by London Manori

Choose the sign of the stars you were born under with unique design of Zodiac jewelry. Made in gold and silver, these premium pieces are a great way to express yourself or as a gifts for someone precious.

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Popularized by celebs like Hailey Bieber and the Duchess of Sussex, these zodiac signs made with 14k gold are excellent ways to show your style or as a gift for someone who lives by the rules of the zodiac.

Designer Jewelry In Your City

London Manori premium designer jewelry and accessories have taken inspiration from all over the globe, and for that reason they are worn everywhere. With influences from all continents, these jewels will help you glow up regardless if you are in the streets of Tokyo or at the mountaintops of Chamonix.
Available online, these timeless jewels encased in gold and silver allow everyone to show their style, poise, and inner spirit.


Huntington is the epitome of discreet style. From the beginning of fall way to the season of gifts, the moonlight and charms collection are influenced by this charming and stylish place. The warm glow of the gold is meant to match with the cozy aesthetic of the local boho-chique.

Los Angeles

The city of Angels has always been a center of fashion and LA jewelry has always been some of the best in the world. You can wear them layered or as a single pieces on a cocktail dress, but you must always remain stylish in Los Angeles. With London Manori jewelry store Los Angeles you will be able to pick some of the timeless pieces for yourself, with moon stones, gold, and sterling silver, or as a gift for someone to show how you appreciate their style.


The gold coast is all about expression and California jewelry is there to show that. And now you can buy both gifts for yourself and others online, such as the zodiac collection, and show your bling where it matters the most.

San Diego

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Long time ago people came to San Diego for gold, and not it is the same, but for fashion. The dream collection takes the influence from the local style of jewelry and takes it just up a notch.

Long Beach

Long Beach is the jewel in the crown of the Golden Coast, and you need to have exquisite jewelry yourself if you want to represent. The Charm and Moonlight collections are perfect to present your own style the way only you know how.


The culture of Santa Barbara was always about symbols. Even now, this pristine example of the Californian Riviera demands that you show how you are in the best possible way. Simple but stylish, coin jewelry is the exact way how to do this.


Irvine was always a place with a master plan, a location where stars align. That is why every designer style of Irvine jewelry presents some symbol for the individual, ranging from zodiac signs, to the personal jewel choices that resonate with the wearer.


It’s hard to follow all of the designer and fashion demands that Manhattan will place on you. The only way to go is to be yourself from the start and let your designer jewelry and accessories speak for themselves. Premier pieces in gold and silver, with your personal jewels are the way to go, and if you find something resonating with their style, remember that jewelry is always an appropriate Manhattan gift.

Most Popular Jewelry Gift Ideas

Good jewelry should be as unique as the people buying gold and jewelry online. Regardless of whether you are buying anniversary gifts or trying to find your personal jewel, some will be charmed by the London Manori Charmed collection, while others will be dazzled by the Summer collection. There is something for everyone, and the combinations are virtually limitless, as they should be.

Mother's Day

There are many women who support us growing up, but only one can bear the title of mom. Jewelry gifts for moms are hard to find as you will need a timeless piece to show her style in the best light. Taking a look at the Charmed collection, or taking a moon stone from the Dream collection might just be the gold fashion type of jewelry your mom is looking forward to this Mother's day.

For Her

Finding the best present for that single precious lady is always a task, as there isn’t anything material to show how much she means to you. That is why you want a present to show that you know your style and support her timeless beauty. A contemporary jewel charm because you remember, or a timeless gold piece from the Dream collection is exactly the type of gifting every woman will love.

For Him

Finding jewelry gifts for men is not easy. You want something designed to show his style and to present him in the best light, but also something masculine that he will wear. Going with discreet sterling silver and fashion jewelry that fits his expression is the best way to go. Thankfully, now it is possible to buy designed gifts online and get a perfect gift with ease.

Timeless Designer Jewelry by London Manori

Only one way to stay timeless is to be yourself from the start. Make certain that the jewelry, accessories and clothes you wear are an extension of how you feel on the inside.
Thankfully, with London Manori there are some very personal designed jewelries that will resonate through time and phases. With each Moon phase there is a different feeling, sometimes presented by the gold Zodiac jewelry, while others your fashion will demand a soft moon stone or a precious rock.
It is your time to dictate the trend for yourself and to show everyone your personal aesthetic.

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