Quick Guide To Finding The Perfect Pair of Earrings For You

Earrings have been a fashionable jewelry item for thousands of years now. It’s no wonder that earrings are so popular; they add a subtle glow to your skin, light up your face and make the ultimate touch that turns an ordinary ensemble into the envy of every woman in the room. 

Finding the perfect pair of earrings that will fit your style and personality can appear easier than it actually is. There are multiple factors to consider, from earring style, shape, and size to length, metal, and price. 

Wearing jewelry can be a way to make a statement, complete an outfit and express oneself. Either way, there are some rules that every lady should obey by when buying jewels, some of the main ones being:

  1. Don’t overdo it
  2. Consider your hairstyle and neckline
  3. Balance it out with dainty jewelry

As you may already know, fashion trends constantly evolve, but jewelry steadfastly remains an accessory that women always turn to. Nothing can make an ensemble shine, and women smile quite like jewelry can. 

Essentially, the right earring can turn you into a glowing goddess, but the wrong earring can be a painful experience for both your ear and your fashion sense.  However, ladies, there’s no need to stress because we are here to guide you to the pair of earrings of your dreams. At last, your face and our jewels are a match made in heaven.  

How to: Match Earrings to Your Hairstyle

Styling your jewelry, especially earrings, to match your hair is a skill that could make or break an outfit.  As you already know, earrings can draw a lot of attention to one face, but they also contrast with ones’ hair. With that said, a lady must make sure that her overall look is on point. 

When you wear your hair up-do or in a high bun, there can be quite a lot of space from your ear to your shoulders. With that said, your ears will be clearly visible, so you should pick a pair of earrings that will look gorgeous from all angles. 

Hoops are an excellent choice for this type of hairstyle, as the back of the hoop will look just as flawless as the front. However, hoops can sit at a funny angle based on how your ears have been pierced. So, make sure that your hoops are not tilting off to the side.  

If you’re going with a side-swept hairstyle, then pendant drop earrings and brick earrings are the perfect choices for you. They are simple yet very elegant and feminine, and you can wear them in any color to match your eyes, outfit, or other accessories. 

How to: Match Earrings to Your Style?

We’ve all been there: you’ve chosen the perfect outfit for the occasion, but you can’t quite figure out which pair of earrings matches best with your clothing. The woman’s worst fear is to look tacky or cheap and make a wrong impression when going to an important event. 

The ultimate decision-making factor in which earrings to pair with your outfit is the event you’re dressing for. If you are going for a casual dinner with your friends, there’s no need to wear the most expensive earrings and the best clothes. 

But, if you are going to a business meeting with a potential new partner, you must make sure to dress and accessories to impress. For maximum synchronicity in your outfit, you must accent your clothing with your skin tone. 

Additionally, sometimes, the best way to make your outfit stand out is to keep it simple. For instance, a white dress with gold or silver earrings will look stunning, as well as a black dress with gold earrings. 

Finally, all the styling advice in the world can’t replace the beauty and charm of your own unique flavor. With that said, make sure to add your own flair to every outfit you wear. This will truly make you stand out from the crowd and shine in the best light possible. 

How to: Match Earrings and Necklace

Undoubtedly, self-presentation is an asset that every human should master. The truth is that tons of side-eyes and judgments are created about a person who doesn’t look put together. 

With that said, finding a perfect medium between wearing your favorite necklace with a new pair of earrings is a task you must learn to master. With the right information, doubt is kicked out, and confidence is invited in. 

One of the most used pairing jewelry rules in the book of fashion is the matching of similarly colored metals, crystals, and gems to create a sophisticated and simple look. So, if you want to play it safe, you can’t ever go wrong with pairing your earrings with a same-styled necklace.

Additionally, you must take into consideration the size of the jewelry that you intend to match. A way to play around with the shape of your jewels is to pair them up in contrast to each other. These kinds of pairing are always attractive and make you stand out.