10 Jewelry Gift Ideas for Moms

If there’s one thing that can be said with certainty, it’s that it’s not always easy to find a gift for our mothers. After all, what can you get for the woman who can do it all? While flowers or a cute personalized picture is always a sweet gesture, sometimes all you need is a little bit of sparkle. That’s why when in doubt, go with a nice piece of sentimental jewelry for your mother’s birthday.

Beautifully crafted, just the right style, and something that she probably wouldn’t splurge on for herself, jewelry is the most perfect way to show your mother your appreciation. And, the best thing of all is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get her the right jewels.

Generally, giving jewelry as a gift is one of the best ideas. It can be meaningful, sentimental but at the same time very practical, even for the most “hard to shop for” people. Some of the main reasons why jewelry is such a great gift are:

  1. It’s versatile
  2. It’s long-lasting
  3. It’s a memorable and sentimental gift

While your mother’s birthday is certainly not the only day you should celebrate that incredible woman, it is an excellent excuse to shower her with gifts. Birthdays are all about memories, and your gift should make your mother feel especially treasured on her special day.

The truth is that anything can be given as a gift. However, some gifts are more sentimental and meaningful than others. This is not the case with jewelry. Not to mention that jewelry can be handed down to the coming generation as an heirloom, and that’s when that piece of jewelry becomes priceless.

Things to Consider When Buying Your Mother Jewelry 

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When choosing a piece of jewelry for your mother, one of the most vital steps is to think about her type of lifestyle. Is she an introvert or an extrovert? In case she is really sporty and outdoorsy, you should consider buying her something easy to wear and a comfortable piece, such as stud earrings. 

On the other hand, if your mother attends many special formal events and loves getting all glammed up, you may want to look into some more statement pieces, like necklaces or pendants. 

Additionally,  you should consider the type of metal your mother wears. As you may know, all women are attracted to different metals, so it would be a good idea to snoop around your mother’s room and find the metal that is most prominent in her collection. 

Evil Eye Bracelet

There’s a saying that you definitely heard of that goes, “the eye is the window to the soul. But, there is one “look” that is shrouded in mystery: The Evil Eye. With a history that pretty much dates back to ancient civilizations, the famous Evil Eye charm is a symbol of protection against harm.  A positive force, the charm, helps the wearer to deflect bad feelings or evil away. 

Ankle Bracelet

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons to give an anklet as a gift is that they aren’t that common, making it even more unique, fun and surprising. An ankle bracelet signals a lifelong and unbreakable bond between two people. And, while that often refers to a married or romantic couple, it can just as easily refer to mother and daughter or mother and son.

Moonstone Ring

When you gift your mother a moonstone ring, she will feel a unique type of energy. Instead of feeling energized and lively, she will feel calm and collected. This type of ring is nourishing and makes you feel at peace with yourself. In addition, moonstone is also known for its feminine energy and represents sensuality. 

Heart Jewelry

You can remind your mother that she’s the woman closest to your heart by gifting her heart jewelry. When you give a necklace, earrings, charm, or another piece of jewelry featuring the heart, keep in mind that you’re giving away more than just a piece of jewelry, you’re essentially giving away a portion of your heart to someone you truly cherish and deeply love. 

Ruby Earrings

Rubies have always been loved by those in roles of power and those in love; therefore, they are considered a gemstone that involves a lot of emotion, so it’s perfect for your mother. We often can not describe with words how much our mothers mean to us, so why don’t we show them with a nice pair of ruby earrings?

Hoop Earrings 

Hoop earrings are worn by millions of people around the world today, and they continue to be one of the oldest fashion trends alive. They are empowering and symbolize strength and international fashion; hence, they are an excellent gift for your mother. 

Butterfly Necklace

A butterfly necklace is another great gift for your mother or anyone who is undergoing a major change or milestone in their life. Butterflies symbolize hope, rebirth, change, and freedom. Given that their lifespans are short, they are a great reminder that life is short and should be lived and cherished to its fullest.

Cross Necklace

If your mother is a devout follower of religious faith, a cross necklace can be an incredibly thoughtful gift you can give. The cross has been an ever-present symbol thought history. It’s a beacon of hope, altruism, and strength. 

Pearl Necklace

Pearls are believed to be perfect companions while meditating because they are believed to strengthen a connection to the spiritual realm. Some even believe that pearls may be able to help them increase wisdom and have healing properties. 

Zodiac Jewelry 

A Zodiac necklace or earrings is one of the best gifts you can give your mother for her birthday. Especially if she’s an astrology lover. Zodiac pieces that feature birthstones are a spiritual evolution from the pendants. Women often want to wear them because they feel unique, and in a world where we’re all searching to at least feel understood, astrology offers the recognition we crave.